How To Add The Same Image To Every Card

In some cases you might want to add the same image to every card you’re creating for a note type. For example, you could want your logo on each card. Or you might need the same image as reference in your whole deck. Obviously, you could manually add that same image to every note you create. But when you’re doing the same thing over and over, I can’t help but feel there should be an easier way. And there is!

Why You’d Want Identical Images

First, let’s take an example from my own experience. I was working with a deck to learn all the states in the USA. I had created a note type with the following fields:

  • StateName: the name of the state
  • StateMap: an image with a map of the USA, and the state in colour
  • CapitalName: the name of the capital city of that state

Based on these fields I told Anki to create the following cards. (notice the repetition in my repetition?)

  • What is the capital city of {{Name}}
  • What is the state name of which {{Capital}} the capital of
  • What is the name of this state {{Map}}
  • What is the capital of this state {{Map}}

But I also want to have a map of the USA, and ask myself where {{Name}} was. I had a perfect image for just this purpose, but if I wanted to use it in all my notes I would have to manually add it  to each single note. That’s 50 notes. Yeahno.

The Media Folder

To add images to you collection that can be used in every note, you’ll first need to find your Media Folder.

On Windows, the latest Anki versions store your Anki files in your appdata folder. You can access it by opening the file manager, and typing%APPDATA%\Anki2 in the location field. Older versions of Anki stored your Anki files in a folder called Anki in your Documents folder. Anki Manual

Please be careful with your media folder. Close Anki before you open the media folder. I recommend making a backup of your collection before you start messing around, just in case you corrupt it. The folder will be called ‘’, so go ahead and click on it.

If you want to use your image in a template you’ll need to rename it so it starts with an underscore. For example: _emptyMap.png. Place the image in the media folder and close it. You can now open Anki again.

Using The Image In Anki

Finally, your image is now ready to be used in your card templates. If you want to place the image in your template, use basic HTML:  <<img src=”._filename.png”> For example, I added the empty map to the card template for my USA States deck.

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